Organization no. 995 495 244 - FSiL CHRISTMAS PARTY 2011
Leknes, Lofoten - The Seventh Christmas Party for the Filipino Society in Lofoten in Nothern Norway was held on Saturday, 19th November 2011 at the U.L.Ørnen Ungdomhuset in Leknes. The Christmas Party, which started at 6 pm was graced by the FSiL members, family, friends, and Norwegian guests. The successful FSiL Christmas Party was attended by about 75 persons. Songs an...d dances were presented by the members of the Filipino Society. And for some reason, there are always parlor games, prizes, contests joined by several guests. The Filipino foods was superb prepared by each member who displayed their own specialties in cooking. Plus several kinds of cakes were prepared being enjoyed by people who attended the occassion. And tons of prizes, gifts and gift baskets were raffled for the lucky winners.
Big Surprises were announced by the Chairman at the middle of the celebration. These were the distribution of two Free Balikbayan Boxes among FSiL members. It was raffled by a Norwegian representative and these were being won by two lucky FSiL members. These were sponsored by
COMPASS SHIPPERS LTD – Door to door package delivery. The party was highlighted by the "Exchange Gift." where both members and guests joined the exchanging of gifts. Santa Claus, portrayed by the Rolf Arne, assisted by two lovely Christmas tree women, distributed their sacks load of gifts to all the members and their children who were present during the Christmas Party. Among the children, who queued to receive their gifts, the youngest was a-month old baby girl Tamarah. Majority of people present on the party were satisfied and had really a great time