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The PHILIPPINES is an archipelago that is known as the "Pearl of the Oriental Sea” because of its rare scenic views beauty and enchantment which serves as tourist attractions. Mountains, caves, rivers and lakes are numerous in the Philippines. Most of the smaller islands are mountainous in the interior, surrounded by narrow strips of discontinuous flat lowlands which constitute the coastal rims. It is mostly covered by Coconut Palm trees. The tree is recognized by most people, and is often associated with some pristine beach on a tropical island. Grown primarily in this country leading the world in production and considered to be one of the most useful interesting trees in the world.

NORWAY is uninhabitable and covered by mountains, glaciers, moors, and rivers the hundreds of deep fjords that cut into the coastline give Norway an overall oceanfront. It’s known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. Norway is a country at a crossroads, although given Norway’s natural wonders and significant wealth; it’s a situation in which most countries in the world would love to find themselves. Norway is, by any standards, one of the most beautiful countries on earth, but that beauty brings with it a responsibility that weighs heavily upon Norwegians. Cod known as “Torsk” in Norwegian language is a popular food with a mild flavor, low fat content and a dense, flaky white flesh. Cod livers are processed to make cod liver, an important source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Omega- 3 fatty acids.

The two nations representing by their own respective flag joined together sharing the common blood in a fascinating island of the far north called Lofoten lies in the beautiful unspoiled landscape of these 'Islands of the Gods' is full of captivating mystique and it no wonder that the Filipino people also romanticised about their natural splendour. The picturesque beauty of this group of islands located just off the Norwegian coast has lost nothing of its age old fascination and colourful sense of history.
The Sun signifies the equality of people living together on this island who are highly dependent on its presence. Its remind us not giving up our dreams but give us the courage and undying hope instead facing the every challenges of tomorrow that might we come across in the days coming ahead us. Under the sun nothing is impossible. Birds represent our freedom we are enjoying on this very peaceful place we live in which we must preserve and continue fighting for
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