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We are the FSiL Family in our Fifth Years Anniversary post celebration

FSiL turns 3! Happy 3rd Anniversary!
Hard to believe it was three years ago when we put together this group and created our own vision. We started out with just a few members and today we have continuously increasing. I consider the members on this group to be the most dedicated, most passionate, most caring people any officers could possible hope for. They truly are the best of the best, and I am honored, privileged and grateful to know you and to cooperate with each of you. Together we are FSiLians!
The taste of Victory is the sweetest of all because it is the result of constant effort and hard work and comes after great toil. Victory is essential in life and is, in fact, a catalyst to our all endeavors. Though victory comes in small steps, it is nevertheless important.

FSiL's Invitation to the 115th Philippine Independence Day in Lofoten 2013
Every 12th day of June the Philippines celebrates its Independence Day and it is a holiday across the country. This year 2013, the Filipino Society in Lofoten - the official host of this most anticipated event is celebrating the 115th Independence Day on June 15 which falls on Saturday with the theme
"Magkaisa: Para sa isang Bansa ng Pagbabago at Maunlad na Pilipinas".
All the Filipino groups and individual in Northern Norway are invited. As usual there are different ceremonies, programs and activities. The programs are usually characterized by nationalistic activities such as the raising of Philippine Flags, parades in Leknes sentrum. There are many activities and surprises for this year in connection with the Independence Day celebration. Watch out for more announcements.

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FSiL Philippine IndependenceDay 2013 Invitation
Filipino Society in Lofoten (FSiL) Invitation to 115th Philippine Independence Day on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 11:30 am – 11:00 pm at Gravdalshallen

To accomplish great things, You must not only act, but also dream, Not only plan but also believe. Best wishes for your great challenge in Mutya ng Pilipinas Scandinavia and the Nordics Beauty Pageant on Feb. 8-9 in Oslo.

We in FSiL are very much PROUD of you
Cherie-Eila Virtudazo Evensen
no matter what you are still the winner in our hearts..

We wish you all the best of luck!

Celebrated its Christmas Party Yearly Event
FSiL Turns 2 on October 1
FSiL Fundraising on going
The FSiL Banner we used on the 114th Philippine Independence Day in Bodø
Valentine's Day bash sponsored by the Ladies
You are all cordially invited to our FSiL Christmas Ball 2011

Synopsis of FSiL First Year Anniversary Party 
Oct. 7- The post party celebration of FSiL first anniversary turned unexpectedly very successful held at the venue of choice sponsored by the FSiL organization. Invited guests, families, and friends gathered together to witness the jubilation of FSiL's first birthday which was supposedly celebrated last Oct 1. Majority of active members graced the said affair wherein out of 22 active members, 17 members participated which was totally amazing.

A simple program was presented led by our vice chairman Helen as the host who did a great job as usual. The program was opened by singing the Philippines National anthem "Lupang Hinirang" for the very first time in the program and sang wholeheartedly by the entire members. An welcome remarks had been delivered by chairman Allan who welcomed all the guests and gave informations how this organization being formed and its achievements as well within a year of its existence. A toss of success was conducted by the chairman together with all members who have been called and stood in front and raised the glass of champagne saluting everyone Mabuhay! Cheers! in English. 

A prayer of thanks was also offered led by the Auditor Marietta right before the banquet started. An opening song called Ako'y isang Pinoy was performed by the whole group before the dinner began. Different varieties of Filipino foods had been cooked by the volunteered members who shared their spesialties in cooking. The filipinos are known having the trademark of cooking extravagant foods as evidenced by so many foods being prepared in that evening. While enjoying the abundant delicious meals, an entertainment was rendered by volunteered members to the guests who danced the modern dance in the beat of zumba tune and a song called I'm yours performed by Philippe Edward - the son of chairman Allan and treasurer Russ. 

In the middle of the affair, a surprise birthday greetings to HOLGER - who celebrated his 60th birthday on the same month was also being taken. Melody  took the initiative to coordinate with the FSiL the arrangement of her surprise party to her husband. It was a memorable one indeed. Thanks for making us a part of it kumadre.

One of the climax of the program was a suprise treats given to each members who received a present from the officers without their knowledge. Every members delivered their own speeches acknowledging the suprise presents they have received and wished the FSiL group the best luck in the future endeavours. At dessert time, several cakes and coffees were served including the big pre-ordered cake containing the fsil logo and member's group picture displayed on the cake as pictured above. The program had ended by singing Ako Ay Pilipino by all members present as a closing song. Dancing until midnight continued as majority of members stayed with the total satisfaction of the night's celebration.

Long Live FSiL! Mabuhay
OCTOBER 1, 2011
Taken from an announcement in today's issue of the Lofotposten - a newspaper published in Lofoten, with its headquarters located in Svolvær and Leknes.
Greetings to all members belonging to FSiL Organization on our First Year Anniversary.
Holy cow! As unbelievable as it seems to me, October 1 is our one year anniversary of creating this group. I know it’s not just unbelievable to me, but to many others as well. A year has passed already?!?. A one year anniversary is an occasion to take stock and measure our progress. Therefore, FSiL group with the participation of all members will be gathering on the 8th day of October to have a post party in the Leknes, Vestvågøy on Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm. Come One, Come All and Let's all enjoy the fun. See poster below for more details.
Happy First Year Anniversary, FSiL!!!
Like most yardsticks, our one year measurement is marked with some progress, some wheel-spinning, and a whole lot of hard work.
None of us really knew how this adventure would turn out when we started. I am so impressed with the way that the some old and new members at our locations have stepped up and worked to make our new organization a success. Nearly everyone on officers got some new assignments and many added to an already full work plate. It was stressful for all concerned. But everyone hung in. The result is that our first year had far more successes than setbacks.
Did we stumble? Absolutely. We’ve never pretended to be perfect, to get it right the first time, or to be able to make everyone happy. But I think that’s okay, because being perfect is impossible, and pretending we’re perfect would be disingenuous. Yet though perfection is unattainable, we achieved our goals and we can’t ask for more than that.
We had a variety of goals, including those of starting out strong, making our by laws and constitution with the involvement of entire members. Followed by forming our official FSiL Logo that represents our organization. Printing our our own FSiL uniforms that mat be used to the special events we are involving with. Having created our own websites as a form of introducing our group to the public who we are and what we are doing. Organizing variety of events that took place here in Lofoten for the first time in history. And most of all attaining the licensure of FSiL organization as a valid and recognized group in Norway.
In honor of our first anniversary celebration, we will be organizing a simple gatherings for our members and their families from different areas in Lofoten on the 8th day of October 2011. It was a good opportunity for our members to gather altogether reminiscing both past and present achievements.
I am also deeply appreciative of the way you, our members, have responded.
Thank you again, all of you, for making the past year wonderful, exciting, exhilarating, fun and, most of all, successful. I hope you’ll stick around for another year!
Yours truly,
Allan Edward
Minutes Meeting of FSiL 
Leknes, September 19 - Anabelle T. Johannessen, FSiL Secretary has now finished writing the minutes meeting of the special meeting happened last Saturday in Stamsund. She have included all the important details being taken. Members who aren't present there on that meeting will get the opportunity to know what was being discussed. This is only available to the active members of FSiL by using your Facebook profile. Any question or inquiries may be forwarded to our secretary for more details.
Leknes, September 18 - The special meeting , held at Marieta's residence in Stamsund yesterday was attended by officers and members of FSil. There were only few people who came and participated in the planning of FSiL's Christmas Party which was decided to happen on the 19th of November. The venue and time of this upcoming gatherings will be announced when the necessary informations are already certain.
The minutes of the meeting will be available as soon as the FSiL's secretary Anabella finished the writing. Special thanks to our Auditor
Marieta Guioguio and to her loving husband Frode for being such a great host on the said meeting. We have been taken care by them in a great way and really admire their great hospitality.

Leknes, September 11 - FSiL Officers and Members will be convening an special meeting, this Saturday, September 17th to discuss the upcoming Christmas Party! 

WHO: FSiL Members
WHAT:  Special Meeting
WHEN:  SATURDAY, Sept.17, 5 - 9pm             
WHERE: Marieta`s Residence Stamsund

We are now REGISTERED Organization!
September 10, 2011 - We are now Brønnøysund-registered! The Filipino Society in Lofoten (FSiL) has been officially recognized as an organization by the Norwegian government on September 8, 2011. A definite milestone for the organization. CHEERS!
We're just quite a few numbers of Filipino people living in this isolated island called Lofoten. Staying in the different corner of this amazing place surrounded by spectacular sceneries that every man would like to experience. Through this Facebook page we would love to share some insights and views of the place we have chosen to live in. The promotion of our place will surely give an ideas to our other Kababayans that maybe thinking we're seems living in an isolation but believe me we're totally enjoying our lives in such a good way by treasuring these great offerings of having good habitats and enjoying THE MOTHER NATURE just like HOME - PILIPINAS.