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June 12, 1898 - The First Philippine Republic


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In every day we live our lives, there are things that are bound to happen unexpectedly. It’s either in our work, in our house, in the gym or in the place where this particular comes to us. Things that touch our lives and could turn into a good direction depending on how you live with them. The only problem is we can never tell if these are something bad or good that might came when we are most of the time unprepared. As a result,this gives a great impact into our lives that men can never believe that it will happen.
In the morning of 7th of november, I woke up very late in the morning due to late time we went to bed at night. My son and I took our breakfast together and do our everyday routine while my wife is at work. My phone began to ring and received a call from my mother. She reminded me of my birthday and wished me luck as a typical mother very loving to her son. She asked me if I’m having a party, since this must supposed to be a big day. I answered her a big NO and I never thought this was something she made a big deal out of it. As for me this was an ordinary day continuously coming every year just adding a year on my age. But anyhow, so good to experience to have received a lots of call and messages from all my friends and love-ones who remembered me on my natal day.
When I was alone I was thinking what my mother told me regarding the reason why I wouldn’t able to celebrate this big event of mine by having a party. Considering turning 35 years happened only once in a lifetime. I just ignored it and set my minds into other things when suddenly my wife called me and greeted me happy birthday which for a while I already forgotten to entertain the thought of celebrating it. I relayed to her what my mother told me, but she answered me she had no time and considering that she was working that day. After all,I remembered during the previous day, she promised me to treat me by having a special dinner in a nice restaurant where we can celebrate as a family instead. And after our dinner, she added there are might be a couple of friends who might come and drop by in our house to eat dessert together with us. All those remarks were stored to my mind and it was enough for me and never expected something more.
When she arrived from work, she came home and gave me a big hug and kiss as a good gesture of greeting me personally happy birthday. She told me to prepare ourselves for our dinner date. I was in a hurry and very hungry and totally excited to go out for a dinner. But no, she said there is an anticipated mass that we must attend to first before our dinner. I uttered to her “What! you know that I’m so hungry now and haven’t taken anything since breakfast”. Why she never told me this beforehand? What a silly woman! Huh! I was’nt angry though but a little bit dissapointed. So we drove our car and passed by the restaurant where we supposed to have our dinner. ” Are you sure at they’re still open after the mass?” She replied, “Yes, I already reserved a table for us.” It was good to know it and really convinced that she had done it. 
After 10 minutes of driving, we reached the church noticing that it was so quiet even though there are several cars parked outside the church. I just thought that the mass already started since we were a quarter delayed on the start of the ceremony. We went inside the church and walked fastly to the hallway.Upon we reached the main door of the chapel, my wife grabbed my arm opening the other entrance door. I was caught in surprise when the lights turned on inside the room and hearing a group of people singing a happy birthday song for me. “What’s going on Russ?” was all I asked. I was really totally shocked when I noticed that all the people inside were all our family friends who patiently waited for our arrival. They are all completely present on my birthday and never imagined that they would prepared such a great surprise birthday party for me.I was very grateful to them on what they did to me on my behalf. The most exciting thing was they have also offered a thanksgiving mass for my family initiated by Father Christian a Polish priest assigned here at Lofoten. I feel very blessed on this special occasion of mine.
At the last minute, I have learned that the organizer of my surprise party was my beloved WIFE Russ which I never expected. In fact, it never came into my mind that she would planned it, the fact that she had no time in organizing one. She got me really on this and never experience the same before. What a pleasant surprise, a great feeling that I would never forget for the rest of my life. How I wish I could do exactly the same thing for her. Maybe one day on her birthday too…or maybe not… maybe on the other event where she can feel very special too similar to what I experienced. With the presence of our other friends whom I know they love her too dearly. I will just wait and see on that right moment. She maybe get surprise someday by me or by somebody else. That’s how my wife show her great love to me as her partner in life. No wonder how much I love her. Thank you my dear wife for giving me this unexpected gift on my birthday.   


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Helen on 24. mai 2011 09:32
Wowww what a touching means you are the lucky man who have a wife like her, and she was a good actress.Where even a doubts or any suspicious moved you did`nt even noticed. Or should I say a good couple who really love each other, trust and have believe to each other...Happy to knew you guys and stay the determination of being a good and exemplary couple which is rare in today`s society. Hug to both of you :)
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Gervz on 17. juni 2011 03:00
Thanks for a very nice compliments Ate Helen. My wife Russ is very good in giving suprises. That event happened was a very unforgettable one. I just heard that you were also involved on the preparation and I thank you for making it one the happiest moment in my life. WOMEN ARE SUCH A BLESSINGS IN MAN'S LIFE. I'M CONVINCED!

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