VISITATION IN VOLDA (Three years ago)
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VISITATION IN VOLDA (Three years ago)

Just a few days from now my son and I will be living to VOLDA - the ancestral place of GERVACIO’S clan in Norway. The place where my parents and 3 of my siblings presently residing. It’s located at the western part of the country along the midside of the map of Norway. The distance is quite long wherein we are about to take 3 planes before reaching the place. The last time we have visited the place was three years ago, when my son had his baptismal ceremony. This week we’re going back there me and my son to let my son meet his aunts, uncles, cousins and most specially his grandparents.
My parents who have been staying there for more than 25 years have invested their own life living away from us just to earn for a living. I remembered those days when we were young busy studying and we were receiving financial support from them for our basic needs. A lot of sacrifices we have been through in order to fulfill the goal now that we are enjoying with. My mother BELLA - a midwife has started  her career here helping many norwegian people to deliver their babies. While my father LEANDRO - a factory worker who has a very tough job working in a fishing industry for several years now. He had tried different kind of job before he decided to stick on this one in which he loves and feel comfortable with.
They have been blessed with 5 children 3 boys and two girls. My brother JUN-JUN and sister ARLENE were the one who came first here after they finished their elementary course in the Philippines. They both learned the language easily and were able to finish their studies and now both succesful in their own respective chosen careers. Jun-jun being a successful professional hairdresser assigned in Oslo  at Pele while Arlene is a teacher happily married with her loving husband RUNE. Our youngest brother ABEL OLA who was born here is now preparing for military course which he’s going to tackle for a year. He aims for the best on himself and dreams to become a successful pilot. Our eldest ANNABEL who is a nurse has already built her own house and planning to transfer in the middle of summer this year. She and I came together here right after we finished college in Manila backed in the year of 1998.
We all have our starting points here in Volda which reminds me the kindness and sincerity of all the people living here. I couldn’t forget the days we were in deep trouble regarding our stay here. But because of the help of the inhabitants here we were allowed to live permanently here. I love reminiscing those days when I used to live here experiencing the kindness and thoughtfulness of the people living here. Right now we’re here in Volda for a visit staying at the house of my parents. Oftentimes we visit the house of my sister Arlene lying at next door of my parent’s house just a few blocks away. They are almost neighbor just "Ober da Bakod". Whereas my son is playing with his cousins Maja and Emma and really enjoying each other company within the two weeks we’ll gonna be here.
Thank God we are all gather together in time of this easter season as a family. I cherish the every day comes walking outside, cycling around, visiting old time friends, watching the beautiful sceneries, driving at the nearby town Ørsta for shopping. I just love having a vacation doing nothing but mainly relaxing away from work for two weeks. It’s quite short but seems worthwhile because I’m enjoying my stay so far in time of this lenten season.How I wish my wife RUSS is here to accompany us in our short period of vacation.

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